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    URLRequest access error




      I created an Flash app that makes URLRequest calls to my ISP server. It works fine in the IDE... but when I click the swf file in windows, it opens the IE browser and then I get website access security errors. Can than access error/failure be avoided?





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          your first major error is using IE. I'm not even gonna bother with the rest.

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            kwcoffee1 Level 1

            sorry, the error what a Adobe player 10 request to change access premissions settings to allow the potentually unsafe app to make network calls. It was not an IE error. The problem may go away, if I run it on the ISP server.The URLRequest will be making calls back to the hosting server. I will test it on the server since this is an inter-network call error. But what I need to know now is: this app will be eventually downloaded to a cell phone. So, will this apprun transparently on a mobile device? Currently, I'm running it as a Flash app, but laster, I want to install it as an AIR app. But  I do not have a cell phone to test it with.