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    Customizing Workspace

    Maria Loreto Nunez

      Hi All..


      I'm working customizing workspace using the documentation: customizeworkspaceui.pdf

      Then I created a custom-approvalContainner Application (like the exercise in documentation)


      My problem is:

      I need customize a button... and the button call a Javascript function using ExternalInterface.call


      I created a standalone Flex application and added  the javascript code in index.template.html (html-template folder)

      The app works!!


      But if I try to do the same with the custom-approvalContainer  , the call don't work.

      I try debug (javascript) using alert('HIII');  But the alert never was showed.


      I think that don't work add the code in index.template.html file, because the MAIN application is other (worspace... main.html)



      What can I do?

      Somebody can help me?