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    AE CS5 crashing with shadows

    James Hooey Level 1

      I've run into this issue on a number of projects now with no solution...


      3D layers work fine but when I cast shadows from 3D layers after effects quickly crashes with an error ... After Effects Error:bad tracked memory ID (23:35).


      I have tested very simple projects to determine if it was shadows creating the problem...simply two 3D layers with on casting shadows onto the other and this seems to be the culprit.


      I have tried lowering the advanced composition settings for the shadow mapping down to their lowest settings as well to see if that is a solution but even at 250 the project will still crash. I've also tried ENABLING openGL just to see if my video card played nicer in openGL than not...again crash.


      Basics of my system are

      AMD PhenomII 3.2ghz quad

      16 gig Gskill ram

      NvidiaGTX285 video card

      700watt power supply

      gigabyte motherboard...if necessary I can give model number but it escapes me at the moment.

      Vista Home Premium 64bit


      I am going to check video card drivers next...but they have been recently updated.


      I cannot say if this is a new development as for some time with CS5 I was not working with 3D layers but now on recent projects this is occuring. I am also going to try the same project recreated in CS4 and see what happens.


      Pretty frustrating as everything works VERY smoothly with my system but this is a showstopper for 3D projects currently as shadow casting is necessary.


      Hope someone has some advice and a solution!


      James Hooey

      Sound Pro Studios