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    Advice on using RH's ePub Format & Mobile Device Help


      Hi All,


      I'd like some advice on the ePub format and creating help for mobile devices using RoboHelp.


      I need to create online help for a basic Contact Record Managment system that will be available on the iPhone, Android, iPad, BlackBerry Torch, etc. I'm using RoboHelp 8 and have followed the instructions on the Adobe blog to generate the ePub format. I'm trying to determine if I should use this format. The way I see it, I could either use the ePub format or modify the CSS so that the help content appears large enough on the mobile device screens.


      Is the main benefit to using the ePub format its abililty to resize the content? I guess this would be useful, since the application will support both smart phones and tablets. Also, my other concern is creating online help that requires users to download an ePub reader. Do most mobile devices come ePub-enabled? I know the iPad does, but I'm not sure about smartphones.


      If anyone has created help for mobile devices using RoboHelp and can offer any suggestions, I'd appreciate it.