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    Feature Suggestion


      Hopefully the Adobe staff can read this and let me know if they can add this in future releases.

      It happens that when I am trimming a video on the "preview" window, I am always in need of taking snapshots (still images) of the video I am trimming for covers, slide-shows, etc, but of course this is not available from that window.


      I then have to go back to the project view, find where the frame I wanted to export was on the timeline and export it from there.

      It is time consuming and slows my work to half since I have to sift through the same video twice...


      Hence, can you add a "freeze frame" button on the preview window also?

      And if it isn't too much trouble, could you also make the exported images available to be saved in JPG format and not just BMP? BMP wastes too much space.