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    Captivate 4: Automatic Recording problems Windows 7 & Remote Desktop Connection with


      Hi there

      I've got windows 7 and a remote desktop connection which I use to access another computer application (ellipse)

      The best method to capture screens of Ellipse through the Remote Connection seems to be capturing the application region.

      The full motion recording mode works a treat however I need to capture a Demo, Training and Assessment modes with Automated Recording mode.

      This is where I run into trouble. The print screen key or any key I use to capture a screenshot does not work, apart from alt r to start recording.. and I need to minimise the remote desktop connection to end the recording session.. (this is when it returns back to my desktop of my Windows7 system.)

      Captivate 4 - installed on Windows 7 machine - Remote Desktop Connection is to an XP operating system

      Is there anything I can do to fix this?

      (The other challenge I face is that I can not install the ellipse program locally on my computer and needs to be accessed through the Remote Desktop Connection)

      Any help would be appreciated

      Thank you.