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    A Bizarre Audio Problem


      Fellow Premier Element'rs,


      Recently (using Pre Ele 7), I added an audio clip (.wav) to a video project.  This audio track is long - it's a lecture recorded from a podium.  The original, raw clip (before editing) is 93 minutes long.  I noticed that about 6 minutes into the clip, the audio seems to restart at the beginning...as if it was dubbed that way.  Then, about 10 minutes before the audio track ends, it starts at the beginning again.  The audio piece is perfectly fine on my computer, sitting in its folder.  When listening to it from the original folder (from the micro-recorder), it's perfect.  The audio alteration occurred when I added it as 'media' to my Pre Element project.


      Is this common?  Are others experiencing this bizarre circumstance?


      Any recommendations?





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          Robert J. Johnston Level 3

          I remember many months ago something like that happening.


          Try this in the main menu: Clip > Audio Options > Render and Replace.


          That will replace your clip with one Premiere Elements will like better, hopefully.


          The new WAV file will be listed in Project assets. The newly rendered WAV clip is automatically substituted on the timeline for your clip.


          See if that helps.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9



            I have not read of this happening. Anomalies are rare with PCM/WAV files. I have read of some strangness with LPCM/WAV files from certain devices though not what you describe.


            I would definitely try Render/Replace, per Robert's suggestions.


            PrE is actually working from a proxy file, the CFA, which is Conformed to 32-bit floating point, for editing, and something could have gone off in the Conforming process of the first WAV. Though Conforming from a WAV, especially if it's 48KHz 16-bit to start, is quick, it will take a few moments for that Duration, so be patient, while that operation is performed. There will be a little progress bar in the lower-right of the GUI. Do not use the computer, while this operation is in progress - maybe just get a cup of coffee, and when you get back, it will probably be finished. When that progress bar completes, all should be good to go. Test that "new" file.


            Good luck,