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    Frame loading, TOC, Index, Search display problems in Firefox, et al.

    HKabaker Level 2
      Here is a compilation of some code revisions that have helped fix the way WebHelp loads, particularly how the toolbar and minibar (also called the navigation bar) look and function. Reload also is improved.

      They solve one or two problems in Internet Explorer; they also banish some bad behavior in other browsers.

      I would like to be able to say which pieces of code are for what problems, but I can't be certain everything will work if you omit some. For example, the first fix below helps Navigator, but also may help Firefox (and Opera, when it presents itself as Netscape). I didn't have time to test at this level.

      My environment and the usual disclaimers:
      RH X5.0.2;
      Windows 2000
      Generating option is DHTML > Applet > Pure HTML
      with a skin (traditional, no-skin output shows the more primitive Search and Index)
      IE 6
      Firefox 1.5.07
      Netscape 7.1
      Opera 9.02
      User's access is via Intranet URL (rather than as files in a network path)

      These fixes work for me but I can't guarantee your results. Back up everything. Experiment on a small project or a minimized copy of the working project. Please post a note about how they work for you.