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    CS5.5 & various audio & keyframe & modifier issues

    westonwoodbury Level 1

      Hey all,


      Can anyone confirm these problems?  Some of this stuff went from working perfect in CS5 and seeming to be way bugged in CS5.5, for me.


      - first, moving keyframes around with the CTRL modifier is bugged.. instead of moving around slower than normal, it bugs out and moves around randomly and can only be increased.  If I try to move a keyframe down with CTRL pressed, it the keyframe moves up instead.


      - something serious is wrong with submixes.  At times it forgets what I did and appears to undo itself without me noticing. When I was working a couple nights ago, I had to redo the same spot of audio keyframing a certain part of a submix like 5 times.  I'd fix it, playback okay good.  Move on and keep working, and later when I go to playback, that part was screwed up again and I'd have to build it again.  |  Next, it likes to just make a bunch of keyframes on it's own at times, adding a bunch of points at random levels and times.  I could often just undo them, but it's still doing something crazy and all by itself.  |  Last, complicating both of these issues, the redraw isn't refreshing properly.. a lot of the time when I noticed the two above issues by playing back, everything looked fine in the timeline, and then zooming or scrubbing over the area, the submix track draws itself and updates what's really there.


      - this one's carried over from CS5--certain audio filters, like Denoise, seem to randomly bug out if a project gets too complicated.  Sometimes during playback, sometimes even during export--and random, not repeatable or predictable--what happens is the volume suddenly goes really low on the track with the filter almost dissappearing.  Simply stopping and playing it again (or exporting it again) works, however quite annoying & killer when an export is screwed up due to the bug.


      - Similarly, sometimes whole tracks or clips dissappear when playing back.  I've never noticed the problem on export, but on a fairly simple commercial project I'm doing, often on playback the music dissappears or doesn't playback at all.  I have the music split into several parts, because I did some fades to adjust how long it is.  When it hits the next 'clip' of the song, it comes plays that back fine.  Again, stopping, resetting the time indicator, and playing back again almost always solves the issue.. kinda of to get it to "catch"/have the magic touch when you playback.. no specific action or behaviour is causing the problem.


      Thanks.. let me know if anyone has some suggestions or ideas, will submit to bug report as needed.  I can say the last 2 have been issues for a long time and I've seen them over multiple systems and installations; however I can't say the same for first two, which are CS5.5 introduced.


      - wb