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    Pdf drawings (from AutoCAD) have lousy performance

    seperobe Community Member

      When viewing PDF text documents zoom/pan/leafing through pages works excellent.


      I'm using a HTC Flyer and pan/zoom etc with AutoCAD-WS app (dwg format) works like a charm, but when opening the same drawing in pdf format,  Adobe Reader hangs for 10-30 secs and zoom/pan either crashes or take another 25-60 secs. 


      Any similar experiences?

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          Roscoe07 Community Member

          Yes. On my existing iMac 2MB 2Mhz core duo.

          I'm looking for a new computer because of this problem.  I often review drawings that are provide to me as pdf files

          I checked out a new iMac 3.1 Mhz quad core i5, 4MB and it was disapointing.  I tried both Preview (the mac pdf reader) and Adobe reader and they both had problems of flickering or delays.  Surprisingly Good Reader on my iPad does a smoother but ultimately slower pan and zoom transition with a gradual increase to full resolution.  


          My delays are not as bad as yours and my computer does not usually crash.  It seem that there should be some hardware or software fix for this.

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            Rishi_Oberoi Adobe Employee



            Thanks both of you for reporting the issue.

            Please send across the pdfs (if not confidential) to us.


            You might attach them in your reply post.