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    Scrollbar to the top (most important)


      Hi to everyone professionals of Adobe Flash Catalyst.


      I have one important question about scrollbar component.


      I'm currently working on a website design in FC. As usual, I use different states. I use the states as tabs (home, about us etc.) to navigate through the website. On the homepage of website I have the scrollbar component. So, if I build the project I get to the homepage. I want to see all the content and scroll the scrollbar to the bottom. I leave the scrollbar in this position, at the bottom. Next I go to other tabs of my website (that I switch between states). And then if I go back to the homepage the scrollbar is in the position where I had left it, at the bottom.


      Question: How to make the scrollbar is at the top if I go back to the homepage?


      I'll be very grateful if you tell me how to fix this problem in Flash Catalyst or Flash Builder.