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    Where did Publish Button Go?

    BST_web Level 1

      I am administrator for a site that just upgraded to Contribute 5.  up until today, no problems publishing drafts sent to me for review.  Suddenly I have no Publish button, only an Action button that offers options only to review or return draft.  Thoughts/suggestions?

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          Krishna Prasad B V Level 3



               Did you upgrade to Contribute CS5 from Contribute CS3 or lower version? If so, in Contribute CS4 the workflow was changed. So, when a web page is sent for review to another user, that user cannot publish it. He can review it and send it back to the author. The author can make changes and publish the web page.


          If the author belongs to Writer role or does not have permissions to publish, then after review, he can send the page to Publish to a user having Publish permissions, an administrator or publisher.


          Hope this helps.

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            BST_web Level 1



            Thanks very much for this. We upgraded from CS3. Your info makes sense, but in this instance, I am the administrator/publisher, so shouldn't I have the option to publish anything that comes to me?

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              Krishna Prasad B V Level 3



                   In this workflow, when a user sends for review to another user (administrator/publisher/belonging to any other role), the receiver will have Actions -> Review/Return. So, after reviewing the draft, the user would click Actions -> Review Done. The draft is sent back to the author, to incorporate the comments. The author, now, can incorporate the changes and publish the page. If the author does not have publish permissions, he would 'send the draft for Publish' to the user for publishing the page.


              In your case, though you are the administrator/publisher, you are the receiver of the draft, sent for review. Hence, you will not have Publish button. If the author, sends the draft for Publish to you, then you will have Publish button for that draft.

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                BST_web Level 1

                Thank you. This was helpful info and solved the mystery - much obliged!

                It is not a useful update by CS5. Admin should be able to take any action relative to a draft, regardless of how it was submitted. I've had trouble just having the option to edit one sent to me for publishing. 



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                  I have the same problem and I cannot get the Publish button no matter what I do. We also just updated from CS3 to CS5 and I am the administrator, I would like to publish the drafts that I receive but after the update I can no longer do it. How can I change the workflow so that it works the same as CS3 did? Please help me so that I can publish again.

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                    BST_web Level 1

                    People can select the option to send to me for Publish, but I can't edit those, only publish or Return.  They can send to me also for Review or Edit, but then, as you know, you can't publish those.  It is ridiculous and frustrating for all.

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                      Dominic Michael Adobe Employee

                      You can create your own customized workflow XMLand assign the same to your template.

                      How to add new customized workflow xml?

                      1) Copy the workflow xml from your site in the server (Under _mm\ct3beta\CCWorkflow) and paste it locally in your machine.

                      2) Customize the XMLaccording to your need.

                      3) Administer the the site using Contribute.

                      4) Select Workflow Association category on left panel

                      5) Select any workflow in the right panel and press Ctrl+A

                      6) "Select a workflow XML" dialog appears.

                      7) Choose the modified XML and associate the template to it.


                      Hope this solves your problem.

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                        JamieATL Level 1


                        Thanks for posting this solution here and elsewhere. I take it this means that if I can figure out step 2, "Customize the XMLaccording to your need.", I can configure Contribute CS (6.5 in my case) to allow a Publisher or Admin to edit a draft sent using "Send for Publish" or publish a draft sent using "Send for Review," thereby skipping the extra step of having to return it to the Author who then must "Send for Publish." If that's the case, is there any documentation on how to customize the XML? Which XML file needs to be updated (there are four, one for each workflow)? How do I change the XML to allow for the scenario I've described above?