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    ADDT 1.0.1 Compatibility Patch for PHP 5.3

    PTS21 Level 1

      It doesn't appear this link to Interakt's PHP 5.3 patch for ADDT 1.0.1 has been posted here yet.


      LINK: http://www.interaktonline.info/files/47-ADDT-1.0.1---PHP-5.3-compatibility-patch.html


      If you have trouble having the download dialog box open like I did, just right click on the Download File and save as.


      I had over a dozen websites developed with ADDT and this patched fix all my PHP 5.3 issues.


      I simply uploaded and replaced the 18 files that come in the patched zip.


      There is also a step-by-step guide on how to update the files on your own if you rather do that.


      GUIDE: http://www.interaktonline.info/article/42-Making-Adobe-Dreamweaver-Developer-Toolbox-compa tible-with-PHP-5.3.html