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    Embed font for PieChart


      Am hoping someone can help with this;
      I am trying to embed a font for the pie series but it disables the text completely.

      I can style it for legacy fonts though (i.e. Times or Arial).


      Here is what I currently have;


      package myCharts
          import mx.charts.PieChart;


          public class PieChart_m1 extends PieChart{


              public function PieChart_m1()
                  this.height = 215;
                  this.width = 215;
                  this.showDataTips = false;
                  this.buttonMode = true;

                  //this.setStyle("fontFamily","BauhausEmbedded");//<---this breaks the font

                 //---the 'BauhausEmbedded' is declared in the <fx:Style> section of the main Application


                  this.setStyle("fontSize", 12);