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    Flash HTTPS Security Alert


      Flash content hosted on a secure protocol (https)  is generating a browser HTTP secure alert.



      What is the best way to handle the embed tag pointer to the Flash Player download site so you can host the content on https, and http, and local file without the security alert?




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          adninjastrator Level 4

          Just to clarify..

          You have Flash content on a Web page that is hosted on a HTTPS site.

          And because that Web page includes a link to an unsecure site to "Download Flash Player", it's throwing up a security warning..

          Is that correct?

          Well the very easiest way is to simply remove that link. Nearly everyone that wants Flash will already have the player and the iProduct crowd won't download it anyway. Removing that link will have very little effect on viewer interaction. That link is completely unneccessary for the Flash to operate correctly if the viewer already has Flash.

          A second option is to get hold of a version of the Flash Web browser pluggin and host it on that secure sever... no linking to unsecure site, hense no security warning.

          Here is a link describing how to manually install the pluggin, which is more or less the case in your instance. At least you will need to just download the pluggin, NOT install the pluggin... just get the pluggin file that can then be hosted on your secure site:

          http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/internet/firefox/install-flash-plugin-manually-in-firefox-o n-vista/


          But the first option is the quick and easy answer.

          Best wishes,


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            Thorsday Level 1

            Those are good ideas.


            Using Javascript one could populate the protocol (http, https) dynamically based on the current url.


            Has a similar approach been used to resolve this issue for all cases and maintain the link to the flash player download?



            Thanks again.

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              adninjastrator Level 4

              Not sure about the javascript option.

              Why not give it a try and let us know if it works?

              Personally, I rarely ever use the download link for Flash content that I create. I just don't think it's that important.

              Best wishes,