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    Ripple Delete Question

    John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

      I recently tried to do a ripple delete for the 1st time, and could not get it to work 


      Details... very old family movie (back in Premiere 6 days) with the source AVI gone 'cause it really was not much anyway


      I did have the DVD I created, so loaded a VOB into PPro CS5... that part worked fine


      I put my beginning and ending markers... and could NOT do a ripple delete


      Does ripple delete not work with a VOB/MPG file?


      This was actually a few weeks ago (just now getting around to asking) but as I remember, in/out points were not available in the timeline, so I was working in a window at the top where I could at least set in/out pointers


      The user guide is not 100% clear (at least to me!) about how to do a ripple delete


      Could someone post a step-by-step process?


      Also, does ripple delete work with AVCHD files?