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    Simple flash banner question

    kdubbie Level 1

      Just a quick question, I am creating my first flash banner for a  website, and I wanted to know if I should embed the link to my website  in the flash file.  Or, should I tell the company I'm sending it to, to link it themselves?

      Just wondering what is customary when sending Flash banner ads for advertising purposes.

      If it is better for me to embed the link, then I have the following issue:


      I created the flash banner and I  tried testing it on my website.  But I couldn't preview it without a  AC_RunActiveContent.js file in it.

      Surely I can simply send the .swf file to the company that's hosting my  banner without having to send along the AC_RunActiveContent.js?

      Or, should I just send the .FLA file and let them sort it out.

      Thanks for any help