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    Use BugHunter for in-product MAP IDs




      I have a project that has 2 alias files. One of them is for the primary dialog box CSH Help and the other is for error message Help. When I open the error message alias file in RH, only a few of the identifiers are assigned to topics. Naturally, most of the error message Help buttons in-product do not work. In some cases, I have been able to fix this by matching the idetifier name to the correct topic but most are not obvious matches.


      I have explained the problem to the Developers and how it could be fixed much easier if I could see which numbers the Help buttons are calling. If they could supply me with a list or maybe a command line parameter. I'm waiting to hear from them.


      What I'm wondering is if I'm not missing something in RH that would allow me to fix this? I have used BugHunter to test new MAP IDs but is there a way to use this tool to extract the IDs from the product somehow? I looked in the RH Help but didn't see anything, though I just may not know what I'm looking for.


      Any advice is much appreciated.