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    Problem with polish diacritics in Adobe Premiere Elements 9.0 PL



      I bought the Adobe Premiere Elements 9.0 PL software one week ago.
      This version is dedicated to polish region, so I was very surprised
      when I couldn't enter polish diacritics characters in the title
      When I pressing AltGr (right ALT) button with one of the additional
      letter (i.e. o, a, l, c) nothing happening. But when I pasting text
      using system clipboard everything is OK. I think that issue is caused
      by ALTGr key binding with some function in Premiere. Unfortunally when
      I removed all keyboard shortcuts in Premiere keyboard configuration
      menu the problem is still appearing. Can you help me to resolve it?

      My system configuration:
      - Sony VAIO VPCF1 notebook,
      - Intel Core i7 740QM processor,
      - 8GB RAM memory,
      - 128GB SSD drive,
      - Windows 7 Home Premium PL (polish version) 64-bits.

      Best regards,