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    Simple, Easy Tutorial/Guide on Transcoding Video Clips into DVD-Video


      I have purchased the combo of Photoshop Elements 9 and Premier Elements 9. I am new to these programs. I printed the entire 300 + pages of the Premier Elements 9 user guide off of the adobe website. I am totally overwhelmed by all the features and have given up on creating a project, fearing that the program is too complex to attempt.


      If I tell you what I want to do on my project, is it possible to distill all that 300 + pages onto just the essentials of what I need to do?



      If there is a simplied tutorial in this forum, perhaps you could direct me to it.


      I have various video clips on my hard drive and simply want to encode them into the DVD-Video format and then burn them into a DVD-R so that I can watch through my DVD player.


      I would like to create a menu and submenu. Also, creating buttons with thumbnails and labeling each thumbnail with text. I would also like to create a backgrounds for the menu and submenu and the ability to extend the duration of the background image or video. I also would like to create chapters within the submenu.


      I'd really appreciate if you could help in this matter. I'd really like to be able to use my new Adobe program.


      Thank you in advance for your help. I'll check back to this thread on Tuesday to see if I received any responses.