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    Error printing in Reader X


      I was printing a PDF using Adobe Acorbat Reader X. I printed one doucment just fine. Then when I selected the second document I got an error "The document could not be printed." Then a second error "There were no pages selected to print." I closed Reader and then opened it to try and print and got the same result. I went to your forums and tried printing from the Thumbnails as recommended and that did not work. I tried a "Repair Acrobat and that did not work." I was in dire straits as I needed to print the document, sign and mail it.  I went to another computer using Reader 9.0 on a different printer and the document printed. I don't understand why one document would print and the second would not. I had tried printing the document from a web page using IE 9, and then I saved the document to my local computer, tried to print again and got the same results.


      Is there a way to prevent this problem from happening in the future?


      I am using a wireless connection to print from my new lenovo laptop, 64 bit, Windows 7 Professional. To an HP photosmart 8200 series printer. Since this a new computer I had recently installed the drivers for the HP printer, I have not had any other problems other then this one time using Reader X.