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    Flash/Html Question

      I am working on a website and I am looking for a solutions regarding the browser back/forth buttons - I have seen a few websites that have coded a code on each navigation button in flash movie to create a string at the end of the address in address bar that controls the flash movie - see example below


      that links takes you to the fantasy-interactive website completely created in flash but works navigation kinda like html. Any ideas on where to start with this or how to achive this? Tutorials? Samples? Answers? all welcome.

      Thanks In Advance!
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          Rothrock Level 5
          I think there is something called swfAddress that can at least help with this. But I don't know anything about it.
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            bcounts Level 1
            I googled and yahoo'ed that idea and did not come across anything that helped. I am assuming I will need some sort of Java Script or Sever Side Script to make the idea in original string function.

            Does anyone else have an idea of how to accomplish this advanced idea?

            Check out the orginal thread for more information!
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              C-Rock Level 2
              just remember that if you use levels to load your movies on and other computers that don't have the right javascript installed or enabled won't be able to see the site at all.

              this is why most programmers don't do it because they develop their sites in levels and everyone doesn't use or have java enabled, i'm a developer and i don't because i hate jave and all the crap they try to install on my computer.