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    CC Particle World Grid Disappears

    javajavabug Level 1



      I'm having a problem with CC Particle World in CS5. I want to use the grid feature so that I can line it up in perspective with a street. I created a camera layer, but when I click on the camera, the CC Particle grid disappears. When I click back on the particle world layer, the grid remains hidden until I click on its "fx" in the Effects Control dialog box. I click out and the grid disappears again.


      Is there something I can do to make the grid stay put so?


      Thank you!



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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          > Is there something I can do to make the grid stay put so?



          I don't think so.

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            Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            You can workaround it by adding a 3D solid to your comp and aligning it manually with the grid of the PW plugin.  Apply the Grid plugin to the solid if you choose to.


            It's a bit hit-and-miss until you get it right, but not too hard.


            You can do it more easily if you're building the comp from scratch:  Set the Grid Position in PW to "World", and it will appear in the centre of the comp, just as a solid does when first applied.   Just rotate X axis of the solid 90 degrees and the solid and grid should be identically positioned.


            Set the solid as a Guide Layer so you don't accidentally render it.

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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              It works as designed - overlays are only drawn in the context of the currently active effect. As Andrew suggested, create a 3D layer as a dummy, making sure everything is properly aligned in the world axes in teh initila position.



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                Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Here's a way to position the floor while looking at the grid:

                1. Create your composition with one layer for Particle World and another layer for the floor
                2. Pre-compose the floor layer moving all attributes and opening the pre-comp
                3. Turn in Collapse Transformations on the Pre-comp layer in the Main Comp
                4. Set up ETLAT (edit this look at that) by:
                  1. Right click in the composition window and select New Viewer
                  2. Click just to the left of the Composition window tab and drag it to the left side of the composition window
                  3. Release the mouse when the side of the composition window lights up with a trapezoid
                  4. You now how two composition windows
                  5. Lock the right comp window with the Pre-comp selected
                  6. Lock the left composition window with the First composition selected
                5. Now that ELAT is setup add Particle world to the top layer in your main comp
                6. Select the Pre-comp in the timeline and add grid to the solid as a temporary reference (you'll delete the effect later)
                7. Now move back to the Main composition in the timeline window and set up Particle World the way you want it to look
                8. Now lock the ECW (effects control window)
                9. Select the Pre-comp in the timeline and rotate 90º on the x axis and move the Floor layer into position
                10. You'll see the floor in the main window and as long as Particle World is selected in the ECW you'll see the grid
                11. Once the floor is in the right position delete the Grid effect

                That should do it. When you've got the setup the way you want it you can copy the particle world layer in the main comp and paste it in the pre-comp, or you can just continue to work with the floor layer as a pre-comp. Your setup will something like this.




                There is a simpler approach:


                First, I would not change any of the camera settings in the Particle World Extras>Camera settings. I'd use a comp camera, but before adding a Camera to the project I'd position my floor, view rulers, then drag a guide down to where the producer staff meets the floor and make a note of the exact Y value. This value will be visible in the Info Palette while you're dragging. Now I'd make my floor layer 3D, rotate it 90º on the X axis, then move down on the Y axis to the precise pixel value of the guide. Now you're ready to add a camera and make any other adjustments you want to make.


                I'd use an expression to make it easier in the long run to edit the project:


                The precise mathematical approach would be to mathematically figure the position of the floor. a value of 0 is the layer center. A value of 1 is 640 pixels lower. How do I know that? I measured it using the rulers. That means that a value of .20 (the default) would be 128 pixels lower than the center of the comp. Say your comp was 1080 pixels high (HD) and the floor was set to the default value of .20. The Y position of your Floor layer would be 540 + 128 or 668. This knowledge and a little simple math will give you an expression that places the Floor layer exactly at the same position as the Particle world floor.


                // fp is the floor position, ny is the new y calculation
                fp = thisComp.layer("Particle World").effect("CC Particle World")("Floor Position") * 640;
                ny = thisComp.height/2  + fp;
                x = value[0];
                y = ny;
                z = value [2];
                [x, y, z]


                I hope this helps.

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                  javajavabug Level 1

                  Wow! Thank you all so much for your responses and help! I really appreciate it! You are all the best!!

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                    Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    I did a little more checking and it turns out that the floor value of a floor value of 1 = 640 is only accurate on the composition I created. It turns out that the value you should be using is the width of the layer. At least that seems to work for now. It's also important that the layer and the composition be square pixels.


                    The seems to work every time expression for a floor layer seems is:


                    //Variables are: lyr=layer with CC Particle World, 
                    //fp=floor position value, ny = new Y position
                    lyr = thisComp.layer("Particle World Layer");
                    fp = lyr.effect("CC Particle World")("Floor Position") * lyr.width;
                    ny = thisComp.height/2  + fp;
                    x = value[0];
                    y = ny;
                    z = value [2];
                    [x, y, z]


                    Please let me know if this expression doesn't work for your project.