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    Any plans of implementing this to the actual webkit?


      Finally! This is exactly what the web needs: it will allow awesome webpages to be deveolped in the future, but I have a question...


      Are you planning on adding this functionality to the actual webkit source code, or will you wait until the implementation is approved by the W3C?


      It would be great to be able to start building webpages with this that would run on future versions of Safari, Chrome, etc. I'm pretty sure the fact it would only work with webkit browsers wouldn't be too much of a limit, because after all, iPad-magazine developers must be begging for something like this! I mean, all iOS devices and Androids run webkit: even Adobe AIR! It would be great to convince the W3C of a standard, but as of now, any plans on releasing as a webkit-specific tag?


      After all, webkit has many webkit specific css tags... This would surely be a major addition! I'm sure many would love to see it by Safari 6 or Chrome 13!



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          Alan Stearns Adobe Employee

          Yes, we're actively working on adding this functionality to WebKit.




          We're also working with the CSS Working Group in the W3C. It's not an either-or issue. Part of pursuing a standard is coming up with multiple implementations that show the standard works. So our work in WebKit is directly applicable to the W3C process.


          We'd like have our code running in WebKit as quickly as possible, but we also want to make sure we're living up to WebKit standards. Our first few WebKit patches will be small (just adding the new properties to begin with, not actually doing anything with them) to make sure we're doing everything correctly. If all goes well you'll see Regions and Exclusions in a real browser soon, but we can't pin down what "soon" actually amounts to yet.

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            kev9794 Community Member

            Well thank you for your fast answer. I must admit that link to the mailing list is quite interesting! I do hope also to see this implementation up as quickly as possible, but indeed everything should be done correctly. I had never actually imagined how big a project webkit was, and how difficult it must be to keep all that code working! I wish you the best luck!