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    Composition Help


      I recently created a kinetic typography composition and wanted to introduce it with a smaller introduction composition. I want both to be a part of my final project so that the intro plays followed by the typograpy I created. The intro is 10 seconds, the footage is 34 seconds, I tried combining them into a 45 second composition but it gave me a hell of a time. All I want to do is have the intro and footage play together, they have different backgrounds and animations so I don't want to have to throw them into one big composition and sacrifice the design. Can anyone please help?

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          Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Sorry, it's not clear what you want to achieve.  Please re-word your question with a detailed explanation of what you want your end result to be.

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            Not sure what you are asking - since you can combine and nest compositions just like layers, all you would need to do is drop your 2 comps in one parent assembly comp and render it out. If there is anything else going on, please clarify and provide more details.



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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              There's also nothing wrong with rendering each composition then combining them later. Most of the compositing and even most of the motion graphics work that I do is created with 1 to 5 second handles (extra frames) so that the final product can be edited. I've been at this for 4 decades and I still don't have the chops to create a perfect movie the first time out.

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                DanDrullinger Level 1

                This is probably such a basic idea that I am struggling with that your looking past it. Very simply put, I made 2 compositions. I want the first composition to play for the 11 seconds of it duration immediately followed by my second composition which is 34 seconds. I want ONE video to play for a total of 44 seconds (duration of both comps). If I render them seperately they just turn into their own seperate movie. I just need to know what to do in order to combine both compositions into one FINAL PRODUCT.


                Thanks much and feel free to email me directly:



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                  Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                  Create a new composition (say, composition 3). Drag composition 1 into composition 3. Drag composition 2 into composition 3. Now you have two compositions nested inside of a thid, master composition.

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                    Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                    By the way, I very strongly recommend that you start here to learn After Effects.

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                      DanDrullinger Level 1

                      Thank you for the tip. I did consolidate both of them into a third comp, seperated the times to where they played how they should. For some reason it kept cutting off the tail end of the second composition I reconfigured the duration times and everything. Also, when you do do combine the two compositions in a third, it forces you to keep that third compositions background settings which I don't want. I want the first comp and second comp to have the different backdrops.

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                        Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                        You shouldn't be relying on the composition background color for the background in your final video. It's just for convenience when doing compositing work. If you want a background of a specific color, make a layer that color and use that as the background. Solid-color layers are good for that.


                        If your composition 3 isn't long enough to contain both of your compositions, increase its duration in the composition settings.


                        Please, before you dive into the middle of a project, work your way through the getting-started materials. It'll save a lot of frustration.