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      I have afilter that works great in a bunch of apps. There is a text box and a combobox. the combobox controls what column in a grid the text box uses to filter on. For ease of use I added another combo box that has brands (numbers for the data and char. for the brand names.) This works great in all of my apps. BUT!!! I have an app that I needed to add columns that are not in the DB like the variance between 2 columns. So I made a Query or Query the data looks good but still does not work. If I dont use the Query of Query and leave out the created variance columns the filter works perfect. Im not sure what to do. I have been trying different things for 3 days. I think its a bug in the Query or Query. Any thoughts...
      You can see the app here:
      http://www.youngsmarket.com/youngsmarket/programs/accsold/accsold/bin/AccSold.cfm?supcomp= YY&supplierid=58

      type in the filter box and you can filter the Desc column. if you select anything else and filter it works fine. If you select Brand the Select Brand Combo box becomes available. when you select a brand you can see the number go to the filter box but the data disapears. If you select Brand from the first combo and type in 6305 the list filters. What gives?