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    cannot move audio to different track

    texmant123 Level 1

      OK, so I'm sure there's some super "simple" reason this is happening.  But Adobe, in their never ending quest to be complicated, has created this situation.


      My problem is two fold.


      When trying to create a new project in 720P, I select HDV 720p.  But when I import my .MOV asset, the audio doesn't show up. (question 1, why is there no audio with this project type?) ( I prefer to use this setting since it allows me to have 1.00 pixels)


      So I changed the project to DVCPRO 720p, but when I import my .MOV asset, the audio inserts in track 3 and WILL NOT MOVE to another track.  I can delete the "empty" tracks to get it up to track 1, but as soon as I import another .MOV asset, it inserts it onto a new track and, again, will not let me move it.  After I import my 8 videos, there will be 8 audio tracks to go along with it.  (question 2, why can I not move my audio tracks from track to track?  Is there something simple that I'm missing?)