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    Hello PureMVC

    BarryGee Level 1
      Hi All.

      I am at the stage in my actionScript development career where I want to begin building larger flex / air apps. I would like to learn PureMVC but cannot seem to find any Hello World like tutorials for ActionScript using PureMVC. I have looked on the purmvc.org site but havent found it to be very helpful with regards to getting started.

      Can anyone suggest a good getting start with puremvc for as3 tutorial / video tutorial?

      Many thanks

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          I was hoping to revive this thread. I was planning to create the same project (Flex/AIR Application) using PureMVC. As of this time I haven't find any article on how to begin on this and just like what you said even a simple hello world is not present regarding this Flex + AIR + PureMVC application (even for a simple PureMVC  + Flex). May I ask if you have find any articles on how to use/begin with the said framework? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.



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            Mohd Fayaz Level 1

            Hello Guys,


            I also need help on starting up with pureMVC framework, If you have found any startup tutorials, please share with me.


            Thank you

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              ajibanda Level 1

              This is what I have used as a basis for studying MVC. Though the example uses Flex 3, you can still get an idea of what PureMVC is.


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                Mohd Fayaz Level 1



                Thanks for the reply.

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                  UbuntuPenguin Level 4

                               I would move past the first generation frameworks ( Cairngorm 1,PureMVC ).  The field seems to be gravitating more towards dependency injected (DI) frameworks ( Mate,Swiz,Parsley ).  PureMVC as I am sure you have noticed has a fairly large learning curve ( Mediators , Notification , Facades ... oh my ) and is quite "heavy" when used with Flex.  When I say heavy, I mean that it feels like all previous Flex knowledge is invalidated and you have to learn how PureMVC does Flex, for instance, you lose databinding with PureMVC.  In addition, documentation for the the first gen frameworks tends to be limited if present all, and never explanatory.

                      As a disclaimer, I use Mate, and that is what I recommend, mostly because I haven't gotten around to using the others ( Swiz,Parsley,RobotLegs, )

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                    ajibanda Level 1

                    I definitely agree with UbuntuPenguin but in some cases wherein the client demands for a specific framework, you really have no choice but to go for it..

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                      John Hall Level 4

                      I'd have to second the vote for Mate. I couldn't get much leaner, IMHO. My New Year's Resolution is to give Robotlegs a real shot, as it gets rave reviews, but it will take quite a bit for me to switch from an easy, efficient solution.