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    File missing: AE.ADBE ObjectTracking

    Nicomil2000 Level 1

      Hi everybody out there,


      Recently I changed from PRE8 to Premiere Pro 5.5.0.

      So I had to import my PRE8-Projects into Premiere Pro (I did it with two projects).

      That worked fine. But on one project I alway get the following message when I start it:


      File missing : AE.ADBE ObjectTracking


      As far as I have seen I can work with the project normaly. Until now I did not use any effects or titles or something like that. In this project I just have clips and I did some cuts (sometimes separately on the video- and audio-track).

      I don't know if for this project I can ignore the message. I hope this will not cause problems when I work with filters or effects.

      Nevertheless I prefere to get rid off this message.


      Btw: The other project I imported does not show this message.


      What is this file for? Where can I get it from? And where do I have to put it?