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    Keeping the stage centered (or not)?

    Applied CD Level 1
      I know this is a common question, I’ve even answered it for a few people on this forum myself, but this project isn’t playing by the rules and I’m pulling my hair out.

      I’ve got a project that is a collection of 4 movies, a stub, a main menu, and two content movies, all with the same stage size. The projector for this project is full screen and should be centered. I’ve tried centering with the projector publish settings, with the movie display template settings, and using the following scripts:

      On prepareMovie
      _movie.stageCentered = TRUE

      On stopMovie
      _movie.stage.rect = _movie.stage.rect

      The projector starts centered but the various movies move around depending on how the stage was defined during authoring. I’ve seen fixes that involve fixing the stage.rect every time a movie is loaded, I could do that but I’m curious why Director has several ways to center the stage, none of which seem to work. It might help to know I’m on a two monitor setup with different resolutions on each, is this a bug with multiple monitors?

      I’ve also noticed it can be a challenge to get linked movies to open at the projector’s current location when running in windowed mode, however, the two scripts above usually work.