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    need help adjusting code which allows button activation

    DPSwebmaster Level 1

      the basis of my problem is this. I have inherited some code which is a matrix of buttons which give a score of 1-7 depending on which button is pressed. The matrix consist of 6 rows and 7 buttons and once all rows have a button pressed the final score is calculated and a submit button becomes activated (it is de-active until all rows have a score). This works fine, but I have added a function in which you can press a button which de-activates one row and activated another, so there are now 8 rows instead of 7, even though I want the total score to still calculate when there are 7 scores to tally up the total. The code I have now works with the first 7 scores, but when you add the 8th row it won't tally up the score, and activate the submit button. I am attaching the code I currently have to do this. I think part of te problem, is that I don't actually understand every bit of the code. I know what it does, but not exactly how it is doing it :-).

      Anyway attached is the current code I have: