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    Issues migrating from Flex Builder 3 to Flash Builder 4.5


      Migrating from Flex Builder 3 (SDK 3.5) to Flash Builder 4.5 (SDK 4.5). Using Flex 3 compatibility mode. Flash Player 10.2. MX only components set.


      Issue 1. A DataGridColumn error per:  Description Resource Path Location Type
      Declaration of style 'direction' conflicts with previous declaration in C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Flash Builder 4.5\sdks\4.5.0\frameworks\libs\mx\mx.swc(mx.controls.dataGridClasses:DataGridColumn). SPT_GUI  Unknown Flex Problem


      Issue 2. Using Cairngorm 2. Have a class 'Bindable] public class GuiModel implements ModelLocator'. Now getInstance() is not defined per: private var model : GuiModel = GuiModel .getInstance(). Does Cairngorm 3 have to be used with Flash Builder 4.5?


      What has to be done to resolve these issues?