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    Error 2038

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      I've read several posts which state that this generic error might be caused by virus-checking software which doesn't allow Adobe DRM out to update the file. What is the name of the Adobe DRM? is it www.adobe.com or something else?

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          I've now authorized digitaleditions.exe, but I'm still having trouble downloading a file from kobo.com. The file is called urllink.acsm which contains the ebook link within. I've been told by the folks at Calibre that this is how the download should work, but it's not working.


          Any ideas?


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            Your virus-checking software might not allow Adobe Digital Editions to

            interface with the Adobe website, and the error code may be referring to

            this situation.  "Adobe DRM" isn't an entity - it means 'Adobe Digital

            Rights Management', which isn't the same as the program -

            digitaleditions.exe.  This is a bit confusing.


            Next, most anti-virus software will use the generic name of the program

            suite when you configure access.  In that case, you should be able to use

            'Adobe Digital Editions' as the name.  If that's not working for you, use



            Hope this helps!


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              This is the area where a lot of people seem to end up.  The .ascm files are

              really 'tags' for the epublications.  When you try to download the ebook,

              the website puts this tag out, and in most cases, places a call to your

              computer to load ADE.  As this happens, the website passes the .ascm file to

              ADE, and we're off and running.  HOWEVER, if you try to 'Open' the ebook,

              ADE will open it in 'Reading' mode, and you won't see the ebook in ADE's

              Library.  You should try to 'Save' the ebook, which will tell ADE to put it

              in the Library, where you'll be able to see it on the bookshelf.


              Calibre is a pretty common system, but I don't know that it's the one that

              Kobo uses.  Many libraries and other ebookstores use other management



              Hope this helps!



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                I "saved" the urllink.acsm to the directory where Adobe DRM has my files, then used the program to "open" the file and got the 2038 error message. My virus scanner only whitelists programs, not names of programs, so I gave it c:\program files\adobe\adobe digital editions\digitaleditions.exe.


                So, it looks to me that I've done what you suggested already. Have other ideas?



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                  Try this:


                  Open ADE in Library view.  Then, use your cursor to access the drop-down box

                  indicated by the carat next to the word 'Library'.  You should see an option

                  to 'Add Item To Library'.  Clicking on this option should bring up a

                  standard Windows search box, and you should be able to look at the folder

                  where you put the link.  If you double-click on that link, ADE should go and

                  get the ebook, and bring it into your library.  I hope this will work for

                  you, but remember that any purchased ebook has a time limit.  Make SURE that

                  your ereader's time, time zone (if any) and date are the same as your



                  A reminder: this isn't 'Adobe DRM'.  It's Adobe Digital Editions (ADE).



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                    Hi Frustrated,


                    I'm frustrated too. I did what you suggested already which resulted in the 2038 error.


                    Other ideas?



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                      Nope.  Somebody does, though.  Try searching the Forum and see if anyone

                      else has resolved this....  And let me know if they have?