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    Error getting license?

    Gwen Finnegan

      I have a Sony e-reader PRS-300 and I am having trouble transferring downloaded books to the library.  I keep getting the message:


      Error getting licence

      Server communication problem: E_ADEPT_REQUEST_EXPIRED


      Followed advice on web regarding clock and time and zone are correct.  Have uninstalled and then installed Digital Editions again but still  having the same problem. Five books waiting to be transferred and cannot even open them and read them on the  laptop; very frustrating!!!  Can anyone help please?


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          That's fine and all, but did you set the time and date on your PRS-300?  It

          has to be synchronized with your computer in order to transfer the




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            I am no help except that I have exactly the same problem.

            I've uninstalled and reinstalled on both my PC and laptop but just get the same error message. Clocks and dates etc are fine.

            I plan on going to the library on Mon to see if they can help.

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              Gwen Finnegan Level 1

              Thanks for taking the trouble to reply. Just checked and the reader is exactly the same time as the laptop. You gave me a bit of hope there!!  I have had the reader since July and have always managed to transfer the books, eventually, but only got this message on 8th May.


              Thanks again,much appreciated.

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                Gwen Finnegan Level 1

                Thanks for taking the trouble to reply; hope the library can help you.


                Good luck.

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                  Hi Gwen - the librarian suggested that I try the info in this link. Have not had time to do so yet..




                  Not sure why the URL underline does not go all the way along this. Hope it helps. Will let you know if I have any luck.




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                    Hi Sue:


                    I am having the same problem with my ADE.  I have checked the time/date etc. on my computer and ereader and I tried doing what the writer of this article advised, but I'm still having the same problem.  Very frustrating.

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                      Someone posted this link yesterday.  Maybe it will help?


                      http://technology.myblogzone.info/2011/01/how-to-solve-the-error-getting-license-message-i n-adobe-digital-editions/



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                        wh411 Level 1

                        It was me that posted it. No luck so far.

                        Tx anyway.

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                          http://technology.myblogzone.info/2011/01/how-to-solve-the-error-getting-license-message-i n-adobe-digital-editions/

                          "Note 1: If you did not authorize Adobe Digital Editions with an Adobe ID  before you downloaded the ebook for the first time, then you have  effectively forfeited your right to use the ebook on multiple computers."


                          What a poor product for managing your own books & accounts. No amount of reading the guide would have prepared me to register the program first, new users to this program get punished. You have to mess up a book before you can learn how to use it correctly. I'm an advanced computer users, but this was my first time using ADE. (needed to borrow ebooks from listennj.com).  Thankfully it is only a borrowed book and I have no idea if once it  expires (I got an error when I tried to return the book to see if I could re-borrow & get it my other computer actually I un & re installed ADE on the desktop, now I can't even open my book to read it).


                          Here is what happened to me the first time I used it:


                          I have a desktop & laptop to use ADE on (my old iPhone 3G, soon to re replaced with a Droid, cannot run the reader).


                          Borrowed a book from listennj.com (elibrary) & downloaded it


                          Installed ADE on my desktop


                          Opened the book in ADE to see how it works without registering it to my ID at first


                          I do not wish to read entire books sitting in a desk chair, so I installed ADE on my laptop so I can sit anywhere comfy to read. Tried to run the book off my network, also tried downloading it from the web library again to the laptop, but always got "Error getting license.  License server communication problem: E_LIC_ALREADY_FULFILLED_BY_ANOTHER_USER”.


                          Then looked around in the help files, etc, about if you are allowed to read books on multiple devices and you are as long as they are all authorized with the same account, so I did that on both computers, still got the error. Then before I un & re installed & messed with the registry I searched more, found the above post's link and there is my answer at the top.

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                            You've encountered two issues that caused your problems.  The first one,

                            frankly, is your mistake in assuming that you could download and install ADE

                            without registering with Adobe.  Adobe didn't tell you that there was a

                            trial or sample version.  The other one involves how the publishing industry

                            decided to implement copyright controls to avoid Napster-like 'piracy'

                            (their word) of materials when they supported the Digital Millenium

                            Copyright Act of 2000.


                            What you quote below out of context is a statement that means digital rights

                            may be set by the publisher in such a way as to limit your use of an ebook

                            to one computer - the equivalent of telling you that you can't make digital

                            copies of the ebook.  That's not an indictment of the software you're

                            using.  And, once you download an ebook that has such restrictions, you

                            would not be able to download it to another computer under the same user ID,

                            which is the message that ADE gave you.  That's not a problem - that's the

                            way it is with any software that manages ebooks.  I disagree with the error

                            message because it's not really telling you what's going on, but that's

                            my frustration with the software.


                            I'm not apologizing for the software either.  Using ADE or any other

                            epublication management software requires all of us to change our thinking a

                            bit so that we understand how we can download and read an ebook, and what we

                            can do with it.  It's quite different from getting a hard copy from your

                            local library or bookstore.



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                              discord37 Level 1

                              I didn't assume I could use it without registering it, but I have been using many free Adobe products without registering for over a decade, they work fine. I also did not assume I can do whatever I want with copywrighted digital media. I did stupidly assume that software would tell me "this happens if you do register, this happens if you do not".


                              Now that I have registered both computers properly (I registered it shortly after opening the book originally), it makes no sense that I still can't read that book, in fact, now I can't read it at all on the first one either anymore, or return it. I have to wait till the 2 week lending period is over, and hopefully I can borrow it again. Again, I'm glad my first experience was with a free library rental and not something I bought.


                              I've never used software that blocked me from anything because the first time I tried to use it I did one little thing wrong and there is absolutely no way to correct the user error.

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                                Frustrating, isn't it?


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                                  So reading through everyone's frustration - if you mess up in the original registration you are screwed for ever????

                                  So I cannot read any books I have requested from the local library although I have no problem with purchased books.

                                  My message says -REQUEST_EXPIRED so not sure if the problem is the same as others. 

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                                    This is not the same issue.  What ADE is doing  is looking at the data the

                                    library put into the ebook header file.  That file has a date requested and

                                    a length of time for the ebook to be loaned to you.  If you're past the date

                                    on the loan, you'll get this message.


                                    Are you screwed forever?  No.  Adobe can do some limited resets on its side

                                    that can rectify certain errors.  And they should do it for free.  You'll

                                    have to call their (infamous) technical support and walk through the