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    Date field format


      Dear All,


      I need your assistance with this issue as I am struggling with it the last 3 days...


      I have downloaded a pdf form from the Internet, and trying to fill it. One of the fields is a date field, where the date has to be selected from a drop down list. It has a small arrow icon to the right of the field, which when clicked it displays a small calendar to select the date from. A small comment is written under the field that the date should be in YYYY-MM-DD format.


      When I select the date or even type it manual, it immediately changes the numbers of the date from English numbers to Hindi/Arabic numbers, and as a result it displays an error message that the date format is incorrect. Apart from this date field, all other numerical fields are showing correct English numbers. I checked the language settings in my control panel and all set to English. Also all numbers and dates are showing correctly on other programs (ex. Ms products, lotus notes, ...etc)


      I am using Adobe Acrobat 9.2.0 on Windows xp.


      Any idea why the Adobe Acrobat converts the date numbers into Hindi/Arabic numbers?


      Your support is highly appreciated.


      Thanks a million