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    Avid MC Transport Control Surface now working in CS 5.5

    DareCinema Level 1

      Not sure if anyone is interested, but because Adobe doesn't have a EUCON integrated support, it greatly limits the control surfaces that can be used with it.


      I googled a bunch of different things but in the end it seems like the general conclusion was that the MC Transport doesn't work with Premiere Pro, not a big deal if you don't have one, but really sucks if you do have one and use Premiere for a lot of your work.


      However, following the age-old adage of "never say die" I finally figured out a work-around that has my Avid MC Transport working pretty darn good with Adobe Premiere CS 5.5 on my Mac.


      I posted it here: on creative cow where you can see the whole thread: http://forums.creativecow.net/readpost/3/911511


      Hi Andree,

      I had the same problem but figured it out, you can see it here http://wp.me/p1hbRg-e

      or I'll paste it here for you as well:

      I recently made the switch from PC to MAC for the long-form documentary  I'm making. A decision that so far, I definitely regret. But more on  that later.

      For the moment I thought I'd start posting notes about problems I've run  into and solutions to them that I've found in case any one else runs  into these same problems.

      I purchased the Avid/Euphonix MC Transport for use in my editing as having a jog/shuttle definitely speeds things up remarkably once you are accustomed to them.

      However I didn't notice that Adobe Premiere was not supported and this  is my editing program of choice although I do have FCP and  Media Composer 5.52.

      I googled around and even contacted Euphonix/Avid support and no one seemed to have a solution.

      In frustration I then ordered a Contour Shuttle Pro v2 (which is sort of  like downsizing from a Porche to a Honda. Both great cars, but which  one would you kick out of bed first? Exactly.)

      So while waiting for international shipping I tried a bit of a wild idea  and I installed the drivers for both the Bella Pro Premiere keyboard  (which I don't have) and the Contour Shuttle (which I don't have either) and then began customizing  the MC Transport commands to match the command keys in Adobe Premiere.

      As a note; you might not need to do this on your system. I'm using a Mac  12 core and this workaround only worked once I installed those drivers  but logically speaking you shouldn't need to do it.

      And hey! It works!!!!

      Some things aren't as perfect as they are in Avid or FCP such as the  shuttle wheel shifting to different speeds smoothly. But damn! The jog  wheel works perfectly.

      Customizing the Soft Keys just involves ensuring that Adobe Premiere Pro  CS 5.5 is open and then choosing the soft key around the wheel and once  it is highlighted in the EUCON controller, then assigning a KEY  command.

      For example your center three keys above the jog wheel should have J, K, and L assigned accordingly.

      And however you wish to customize it after that. I use for cutting at  timeline (CTRL + K), next edit (page down), previous edit (page up) and  it is working like a charm.

      All the other soft keys including shift command respond the same.

      To program the jog wheel. Select it and choose Command, select Wheel  from the drop down, then select jog right and choose special command and  pick "right arrow" and then repeat for select jog left and choose  special command and choose "left arrow."

      The shuttle you have to choose the shuttle and again add a wheel command  and then in choose shuttle and create a new shuttle wheel command. Then  from shuttle drop down, choose for Section 0 add key and set it to K  (stop), then for Shuttle Section 1 add L key once and for each shuttle  section add one more L key. Shuttle section 7 has LLLLLLL assigned to  it.

      For the shuttle -1 Section choose J and for each minus section following that add one more J.

      It's not perfect but it certainly does what I need it to do!

      Hope that helps anyone else out there.