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    Mobile-specific API References

    tomaugerdotcom Level 1

      My Google-fu is pretty good, but so far I have not yet come across a specific reference of all AS3 classes and components that are specific to mobile development (accelerometer, multitouch, orientation, gestural controls, mobile spark components).


      There's tons of resources on packaging, on IDE workflow and so forth. But so far I haven't found a page that gathers all of the methods, classes and components specific to mobile development.


      If such a resource exists, please point it out to me (and while you're at it, please do a little SEO on the page so that it comes up in a Google search!)


      If such a resource has not been created, I hope the Adobe documentation team sit up and take notice. For a long-time developer who wants to rapidly make the shift to mobile development and just needs a reference to get started, this is a must. Otherwise, it will be a possibly lengthy Google search for every little thing you want to do.