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    Can VC 2005 Runtime SP1 patch be installed for Adobe Premiere V4?

    flyinjewel Level 1

      I have an HP Media Center PC (2005) running XP-Media Center. Have about 98 GB memory left.  I am trying to finish a slide show in Adobe Premiere Elements 4.0. Have run into the same Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library error that I see a lot of people are having with different Adobe programs. I am sort of an intermediate user and am wondering if and how I should try to install VC 2005 Runtime SP1 patch. I get confused trying to read about installing it and uninstalling prior versions etc.

      I have tried reinstalling my Premiere program and when it shows it is installing the library the light doesn't blink on my DVD tray.  Making me think that it must not be working on that section of the CD. Hope someone can help.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Welcome to the forum.


          I cannot specifically address the MS Runtime .dll patch for your OS, as I have never had that OS, and never encountered any C++ Runtime errors. Normally, I link to several Adobe KB articles on it, plus the MS KB articles, but I think that you have read those already.


          I do have one question, on a comment in the post:

          Have about 98 GB memory left


          I assume that you mean that you have ~ 98GB of free space on your HDD. Is that correct?


          Though that should be adequate, there are some considerations:


          • At around 70% of capacity, a HDD begins to loose performance. The closer to capacity, the greater the performance loss.
          • Have you defragmented that HDD recently?
          • While generally more than adequate, if one has a dynamically managed Page File, it could well be that under load, that is filling up much more of that space, than shows in Properties, when not under load. How is your Page File managed, and what size is it?
          • You mention SlideShow. What are the pixel x pixel dimensions of the images used in PrE? Note: file size, DPI and PPI are not important, but just the pixel x pixel dimensions.


          Good luck, and hope that someone with Windows MC experience can directly answer the question.



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            flyinjewel Level 1

            Thanks  so much for trying to help me.  This is the first time I have ever known how to get a question in a forum.

            To answer you questions:  I defrag frequently.  I resized my pictures.   I'm new at all this so I can't find the pixel x pixel number.  I set it so that 720 was the number for the file size so that it would fit the frame.  I emptied my recycle bin and gained a little more Ram on my hard drive. (99.9GB) I set my page file to the highest it can take.(10692mb)


            I'm getting a little unhappy with Adobe and as I read in a lot of the forums I'm not the only one.  I think they could offer a little more help than they do after we spend our money buying version after new version.


            Thanks again,


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              the_wine_snob Level 9



              Thanks for the info. If you have Scaled the images to match, or nearly so, the Project's Frame Size, you have ruled that out.


              Now, a little bit of background. While certain "memory functions," like Windows Virtual Memory (Page File) do relate to "memory," the HDD is separate from RAM, which will be installed chips on the MoBo. Within some guidelines, there can be similarities, but in most, they are different.


              As for the pixel x pixel dimensions, your Project will have a Frame Size, say 702 x 480 for an NTSC DV Project. The pixel x pixel dimensions of your stills can be gathered from the Info Panel, with a still Selected, or from a program, like Photoshop/Photoshop Elements.


              Glad to hear that you defrag often.


              As for the Page File size, with a 32-bit OS, then I normally go with a static Page File (so it's the same size all the time), and at about 2x, or 2.5x that of my installed RAM.


              I do agree that Adobe's T/S could be improved upon, and they claim to be working on that. I have seen improvements, but they ARE slow. That is the way it is in a major corporation. Often, good things take so very much time.


              Hope that the forum can help you get this resolved.


              Good luck,