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    Audio formats

    Wild_Duck Level 3

      Following on from a discussion in the main forum, I'd like to register the need for as large a variety of audio file formats to be catered for in CS5.5 as can be achieved.


      Basically as many formats as were implemented in earlier versions, particularly including the telephony formats and such things as Ogg Vorbis, plus the formats that were catered for earlier in round about ways. An example would be mp2, which is still used extensively in (older?) broadcast playout systems.


      I can't be specific about other individual formats except to say that I frequently find that someone has sent me a file, and find that I have to scratch around looking for a way to decode it. Past versions of Audition sometimes provided the answer, sometimes not.

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          _durin_ Adobe Employee

          We expect to have a much greater selection of export formats with CS 6.  MPEG2 support may be difficult to include directly as the per-copy license fee is pretty high and surveys have found it is used by a very small percentage of users.  However, by exposing an SDK to our file system, there may be a means by which users who need mp2 support can add it easily without hassle.  We're looking into this, and I hope to have more information about it in the next few months.