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    I would have been happier with the final if FC did what its supposed to do...WORK!

    ChanceDogUSA Level 1

      So I can say I finally got my site up and running….JUST. It was created in Flash Catalyst CS5 and I have to say the program made it pretty easy to build until the file started to push 15MB. NOTHING close to the 40MB FC seems to have issues with. At the end of the build I was getting extremely frustrated with the program continuously shutting down claiming it was out of memory. I spent two hrs this morning trying to add the final touches. This would have taken 15 minutes max if the program was running correcly. Its not a weakness in my computer either, this machine is more than capable of creating this site.


      The site is www.christianmichaelphotography.com. For now its going to have to stay the way it is as the last time I tried to work on the file I got an error message saying “This FXP project is invalid and cannot be opened”


      Luckily I had saved a version to upload to the web so rolled with it. Its not finished and some links don’t work but If FC doesn’t run…for now the site has to stay as it is. A very bitter sweet moment for me. Adobe….you really need to sort this memory issue out.