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    The Problem with Flash 5.5

    asiabackpacker Level 1

      Am I the only one finding Flash CS5.5 so full of bugs that it seems more like a beta release than an actual release? I'm running the trial so I don't have to shell out the cash for the upgrade right away, but am severly resenting the fact that I will have to shell out the cash for an application that seems like a step backwards from previous versions. Tons of things that worked great in prev versions no longer work right....


      Unfortunately, I have to upgrade to stay compatible with my clients, but would much prefer not to have to upgrade. Is anyone else feeling the same way???


      I feel like in the old days of Adobe, I looked forward to upgrading because the programs always got better, with tons of new useful features, and I wish I could feel the same way now...I wish I could be excited about upgrading to the new CS!! But I'm dreading it more than anything because I know it's going to hinder my workflow more than support it!! With each new release, it feels like the number of bugs increase, and more functionality changes come into place... Am I alone in this!!??

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          TheEndymion Level 1

          You're right.  They spend less time working out bugs than they do actually looking for new ways to re-invent the wheel.  It's astounding how buggy 5.5 is.  I've already bounced-back to using Flash 5.  I mean, simple stuff like when I return to editing a saved file, text has shifted around and pieces have disappeared.  It's like ghosts in the machine.  All the Macromedia prodcuts began suffering consistently since Adobe took over, and since they have nothing to lose, they continue to crank out sub-par software for skyrocketing prices.  Such a disappointment.