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    Invalid image buffer size question.


      I finished a project but once I start to render, an error always pop up at the exact frame stating:


      "After Effects error: Invalid image buffer size (40003x40002)"

      (37 :: 102)


      I have tried purging every 5 frames, yet it still doesn't work.


      I am using a mac with 2 gigabyte ram.


      Hopefully someone can help me with this, really need to render because I need to submit it soon.



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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          40,000 pixels by 40,000 pixels is a giant frame, even for a computer with a lot of RAM---and your computer has a tiny amount of RAM for using Ater Effects.


          What are you doing that is generating such large image information? Describe your composition. What are your composition settings? What effects are you using at the problematic point? What kinds of source footage?


          Also, you really need to provide more general information when asking questions. What operating system? What version of After Effects?

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            lir998 Level 1

            Thank you for replying, I was getting worried that no one would answer anyway, what I'm trying to do right now is optical flare text and then fade it out through stretching it. However since I dont have the optical flare effect on my computer, my friend rendered a large and small mov for me to use.


            Operating system: Mac

            Composition setting - 1280px width, 720px height

            Pixel Aspect Ratio: Square Pixels

            Frame Rate: 25

            Resolution: Full

            Duration: 55 sec


            I am also using some footages in the background that are all in mp4 format. Each of them are no longer then 1 minute.


            *I am also using After Effect CS5*

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              Todd_Kopriva Level 8

              How big (in terms of pixel dimensions) are the footage items that you're using? What effects?

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                Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

                Sounds likie whatever sub-flavor of MP4 you use is not handled correctly by whatever CoDec and decoded as if it were a huge JPEG. Either your Quicktime iunstall is busted or some third-party QT component is messing things. As Todd said, it might help to know from which camera your footages are and how you get them on your machine.



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                  mr_epic_peter Level 1

                  it sometimes happens to me when the camera is too close to an object like text (think it has to do with resolution changing)

                  if you move the camera to go a bit further away from an object it should fix the problem

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                    It just happened to me. It was caused by the Transform Effect plugin (Transform 32). The problem came from nowhere, even if i didn't modified anything.


                    I removed it and the error message has disapeared.

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                      Happened to me with a text animator and enable per-character 3d. The position of my text was too close to my camera position. I was trying to fly text in from behind the camera text animator 3d position.

                      mr_epic_peter 's comment above helped me understand why I was getting that error. Thanks!


                      Did you figure out a work around?


                      I really want to fly my text in from behind the camera.

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                        Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        This thread has gotten very off track. The original question about buffer size has been addressed. You need to have your assets come close to matching your composition size. 40,000 pixels is a bunch for video so something is out of whack there. Since we know nothing about the assets except that they are mp4 and about one minute long only assumptions can be made. We assume there's something about the mp4 files that may be causing the problem. No one can be sure because specific details, or even the simple details provided by the info to the right of the preview in the Project Panel when an asset is selected.


                        There is one key bit of system info that seems to have been overlooked by everyone but Todd. 2 GB ram... That's not even the minimum required for any newer version of AE.


                        Then somehow we got into moving a camera and that lead to a question about moving text past the camera with a per-character 3D move. That one is easy to answer. You just set up your animator so that the z position of the text is at or beyond the camera's z position. The text animator setup should look like this:


                        Screen Shot 2013-08-04 at 12.23.45 AM.png

                        Notice the z position of the camera (-1211.1) and the z position of the text position (-1231) 20 pixels past the camera.... - 1211 would probably have worked too but the 20 extra pixels made sure the text came from behind the camera.


                        I also answered this once before in a different thread.


                        So, without further information from lir998 I don't think there's much more we can do to help solve the original problem.

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                          UptownShredder Level 1

                          Sorry if you feel my comment took away from the point of this discussion. I came across that error message today "After Effects error: Invalid image buffer size (....)", but not the exact same numeric values. I googled it and it led me here. The 1st comment from user (lir998) and the comment user (mr_epic_peter) both pertained to my particular issue. It gave me some ideas on where to start problem solving.


                          I appreciate your screen capture and the time to address the issue with me. I have a very similar setup to what you've shown in your screenshot . At some point during my prerender when a certain character of text flys in from behind the camera to infront of the camera I get the error again. It's as if part of that character is right on the camera lens...covering it up. Like touching it. From that point on I'm not able to scrub to any point after that without getting the error mentioned. This could be chance and someone else could have character's that may not hypothetically "touch the camera lens".


                          I'm glad that user (lir998) was assisted with your previous posts and thank you for any assistance you provide fellow artists. I tried some of the things like purging image cache and memory that user (lir998) mentioned in his 1st post. Still wouldn't work.


                          The error can be triggered by the situation I and user (mr_epic_peter) had. I understood the reason for the error, in my case, based on his comment. This thread helped me and I think that's why we are all here - for help.

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                            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                            If you are getting this error Please post your project file and submit a bug report. There's nothing to the idea of a character running into the lens that should give you this error.


                            Screen Shot 2013-08-04 at 7.22.31 AM.png

                            Here's a project file (CS6) that has a big block of text flying directly past the camera with motion blur turned on and centered ecactly through the camera center. Download the project file and see if it does trigger the error for you. If it does not, then look to other things to be causing the crash like effects applied to the text layer or other elements in the composition.


                            If this sample file does cause the error then please file a bug report.

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                              Operating System

                                                            Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit SP1


                                                            AMD Athlon II X4 635          33 °C

                                                            Propus 45nm Technology


                                                            6.00GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 665MHz (9-9-9-24)


                                                            FOXCONN 2A92 (CPU 1)          30 °C


                                                            HP 2010 (1600x900@60Hz)

                                                            2939MB ATI Radeon HD 4200 (HP)

                                                  Hard Drives

                                                            699GB Seagate ST3750528AS SCSI Disk Device (RAID)

                                                  Optical Drives

                                                            hp CDDVDW TS-H653R SCSI CdRom Device


                                                            Realtek High Definition Audio


                              I downloaded the test file and no issues, im lost as to what to do to rememdy this situation. I have a client waiting on this video.


                              here's my file


                              i hope you can help me.

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                                ijamison, iMobile3

                                Hey Christman. 


                                I know that this thread is very old (before you posted), but i see that your post was less than a month ago.  Have you tried the following. 


                                Are you using the CC Light Burst 2.5 effect possibly?


                                If so, try turning the layer that throws the Buffer Error into a 3D Layer? 


                                This is my initial response, but I just DLed your file and will have a look at it and respond in a bit.

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                                  ijamison, iMobile3 Level 1

                                  Hey Christman,


                                  Yup. As suspected, the issue is because of CC LightBurst 2.5 Effects throughout your comp. 


                                  One of the effects can be found applied to the "motion blur" layer within the Sub comp: Line-Up > Super 1 > motion blur .


                                  It appears as though whoever set up the project initially was intending it to appear as a light blast into the title after the Audience Rating screen.  The main problem you have now is that this effect is used in a lot of locations throughout your project which is throwing your Buffer error all over the place. 


                                  An option is to turn off the Light Blast effect everywhere that it appears, however you will lose a lot of impact from the effect.  I can not spend the time to go through each layer and comp and find the effect, but the most efficient way is to scroll through and everytime the error comes up, at that frame search through the layers by toggling layers off (if the image goes from black back to visible) then the layer you toggled off has that effect within it somewhere (if seeded within a comp).


                                  Good luck!

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                                    Christman Level 1

                                    i able to find a solution, it turns out it was what you were talking about. Thanks for taking the time to toruble shoot my little issue.

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                                      ijamison, iMobile3 Level 1

                                      What was your solution to correct the Buffer error and maintain the light burst effect?


                                      I'm glad you sorted it out!

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                                        Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                                        I've recently seen a bug that affects the CC Light Burst effect on a 3D layer, but the image buffer error doesn't occur for a 2D layer. Is your layer with this effect a 3D layer?

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                                          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                                          I just got acknowledgement from the Cycore folks of this bug. We'll work with them to get a fix for CC Lightburst out soon.

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                                            Any solution? I've just had this error come up too.

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                                              Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                                              What exact version of After Effects are you using?

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                                                benlighthouse Level 1

                                                CC 2014


                                                The Light Burst effect had been working ok, but just started throwing up the image buffer error as I was scrubbing over it.

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                                                  Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                  What have you applied it to? What is the resolution of that asset?

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                                                    Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                                                    What exact version number? 13.2? 13.0?

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                                                      benlighthouse Level 1

                                                      Thanks for your responses:


                                                      AE CC2014 - version:


                                                      Szalam I've put it on a solid 1920x1080 fx layer and the layers beneath it include several .pngs and a movie clip - all 1920x1080

                                                      I've used the effect twice more in the project and they seem to work still - although I haven't tried to edit them since the error came up, also the effect was working without any problem for the 2 days I was working on the project previously and I've not done anything to change it, other than continue to add additional comps to the project.



                                                      OSX 10.10.1

                                                      2.9 GHz Intel Core i5 iMac

                                                      8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3

                                                      NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660M 512 MB

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                                                        Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                        You have very little RAM in your system. I'd suggest rebooting the whole machine all the way off and back on. Then, don't launch anything except AE and try using your project. See if it still throws the error message. A screenshot of your memory and multiprocessing settings screen might help too.

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                                                          Lin Chou Cheng

                                                          Hi All,


                                                          Just sharing:


                                                          I just experienced the similar error message while rushing to meet the crazy deadline of my client's motion graphic project. 

                                                          The error had gave me terrible scare, as all my save files (including the incremental saves) were bugged by this error... I thought I am going to die....


                                                          Luckily, I have managed to trouble shoot it; it was a silly mistake that caused by my greasy fingers after working more than 12 hours with AE! 


                                                          As demonstrated in the following screenshot, I have accidentally set the zoom to 3200%!  Thank goodness I have spotted it!

                                                          The error messages will go away once you reset the magnifying ratio to 300% or less.



                                                          Hopefully, this can help someone who might face the same problem.



                                                          ~ Lin



                                                          p/s: Although the image-buffer error can cause by the file size of your raw footage, however it is not always true.  Sometimes, it can be caused by the graphic card's limits, as real-time preview (rendering) is always expensive. For instance, the working file of mine that crashes had several complex comps and footages, which it is beyond full HD1080 resolution, and I have fixed the error once I have reset the magnifying ratios.


                                                          Btw, I am using a Macbook Pro that has only 16GB RAM to power Adobe AE CC.

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                                                            I know this is old but I get the same message when trying to link Trapcode MIR fractal to an audio layer I get the same message as above fomr Lou Cheng but my codes at the end are (0x0). (37 ::102)

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                                                              Thank you, Lin, that helped!

                                                              I've spent about 30 minutes figuring out what's wrong and where to fix it

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                                                                Had the same issue and had no idea what I did wrong in after effects, as soon as I seen the 1st reply to his issue, I knew where to start looking to fix my problem, I was working on some motion graphics and blew up my comp frame so that I could see everything, some of these frames went as high as 40k by 40k, forgot to change them back Lol and got these errors, i changed everything back to main comp size and boom back to normal!! thank you!!

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                                                                  I am having this issue currently exporting to Photoshop layers.  I have tried it on a 2015 Retina MacBook Pro with 16GB of RAM, and a Late 2013 Mac Pro with 32GB of RAM.  Both are on the absolute latest version of After Effects,  My comp is a weird size, 784x295, but the error message states "After Effects error: invalid image buffer size (641x-247). ( 37 :: 102)"  None of my comps or layers are anywhere near that 641x247.


                                                                  I have no CC LightBurst, Transform 32 effects, character animations, etc.  The only effects I have used are several instances of KeyLight, Key Cleaner, Advanced Spill Suppressor, Tint, Brightness & Contrast and Photo Filter.  To test if one of those filters was the issue, I deleted the 4 layers that had those filters on, leaving my comp with zero filters, and still received the same error.


                                                                  Also, my "Magnification Ratio" is set to 100%, and it also fails at 50% and 200%.


                                                                  Comp duration also doesn't matter.  Originally it was 14 seconds, but because I am exporting to a PSD, there is no motion at all.  I dropped it all the way down to just two frames, and still the Save As Photoshop Layers fails.


                                                                  Exporting or Rendering a regular Photoshop document worked fine, it was the layering that was the issue.  The only way I was able to get this file to export a layered PSD was to copy all my layers and paste them into a normal size comp, in my case 1920x1080 square pixels.  I needed to fix the arrangement a little and put layers back where they should, but I was then able to bring that 1920x1080 layered PSD into Photoshop and crop it down to the 784x295 I needed it to be.


                                                                  So, any ideas why the original export failed and how Adobe can fix that?


                                                                  Thanks you,


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                                                                    Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                                    briank99674728 wrote:



                                                                    So, any ideas why the original export failed and how Adobe can fix that?

                                                                    The odd document size?

                                                                    They can fix it if you file a bug report so they know there's an issue.

                                                                    File the bug report here: Adobe.com/go/wish

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                                                                      It had happened to me... and now It works! Thank you!!!