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    Downloading and transfering  books using ADE


      I purchased 10 ebooks and downloaded them successfully to ADE and transfered them to my Sony PRS-650.  After several days I was not able to access the books on my PRS-650.  I was geeting "protected by digital management...".  I have tried everything I can think of (reset erader to default settings and reformated memory, deauthorized and reauthorized computers and reader device).  When I attempt to download the books to the ADE I get the following error:

      E_LIC_ALREADY_FULFILLED_BY_ANOTHER_USER.  Also I get the following when I attempt to drag the book to the ereader:  No permission to copy here.

      Anyone have a solution to this problem?

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          I don't know whether this is a solution or not, but you can check the

          digital rights assigned by the publisher for each book and see whether

          there's a problem.


          When the ebook is displayed in the Library view of ADE, place your cursor on

          the avatar/title/cover of the ebook.  A small carat will appear.  Click on

          the carat, and a drop-down box will show you some choices.  Pick and click

          on 'Item Info'.  You'll see the digital rights displayed in the lower half..


          Also, all of your activity in playing with the software hasn't erased your

          ebooks, but it HAS changed your account information.  That can cause you to

          get the message about 'another user' because something is different about

          your ID and password.


          This isn't a list of instructions on how to fix your problem, but I hope

          this helps!



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            Sanbox48 Level 1

            Thank you for your support, I finally got the problem corrected.  For those having the same problem I was, here is what you need to do:

            Follow the instruction on removing the ADE program from your computer at the link listed below (starting on page 11):


            Once you have completely remove the software and all its componets, go to the adobe website and reinstall the ADE program.

            The key is you Must use a different e-mail address in order to establish your Adobe ID.  I called the Adobe support center and this

            is what they advised.  I promise this works!