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    LCRE Draft Level

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      Hi folks,

      We've recently acquired Reader Extensions license (with Expiration Date in year 2023 ) for enabling a couple of our newly developed corporate eforms. Those eforms would be distributed to the public for collecting their enrolment of certain public services and the returned forms (or barcode enabled hardcopies) would not be participated to the corporate LCES processes.  I wonder whether there's a difference for enabling our eforms between the two LCES Draft levels for my case? And do you have any idea for whether I can still re-enable my Designer modified eforms after I applied "Final" RE level to the said forms previously?



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          There are a few questions in this email, so I'll take them one by one.

          1) There is no difference in rights availability whether you mark draft or final.  In fact, there is no difference in the file between a draft and final reader-extensions

          2) The function of "draft" is to assist you in keeping tabs on the number of forms/documents you have reader-extended.  The reader-exetsions server simply counts the number of items that have been reader-extended as final.

          3) Therefore, you can reader-extend the same file as final multiple times with no problem.  You do, however, want to figure out another way to count the number of forms/ documents you have reader-extended so that you can stay within the bounds of your license.  The only time you may run into issues is when you apply security to the file that prevents file changes... it can mess you up and may require a real server process (not just the web UI) to unlock, change rights, and then save again as password-protected: but this is a more advanced topic.



          Note that there are differences between forms reader-extended by Acrobat and ones by LiveCycle Reader extensions server.  These have been covered in other posts I have done, but they revolve around two things:

          1) Technically, certain rights such as barcoded forms and database access (web services/ ODBC database access) are only available with the Reader Extensions server.  [There are more differences, but these are the top]

          2) The Acrobat license limits the number of recipients/ users to 500 (read your license agreement for the full wording).  The LiveCycle Server has much larger user licensing terms.

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            Thanks for shedding light on that.

            The sole LC backend service we applied on our eforms is the Form Data

            Integration Service for pre-populating certain form data.  We also

            certify the form by using Acrobat to restrict and track the form

            changes.  The public distributed eforms will call our corporate web

            services for performing some online validation as well.  The users are

            expected to return the physical signed printout of those forms with a

            2-D barcode (PDF417) embedded.  So far, I don't find any difference

            between the two draft levels.  But I think the "drafted" version would

            expire on the RE license expiry date (a day in year 2023 shown in RE web

            UI), right?


            Please consider the environment before printing

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              Both the draft and the final expire when the credential expires in 2023.  Note that all the data will be intact, as will functionality at that time... you just will not be able to save the form again after that.


              To say it another way, the only difference between draft and final is that one bumps the count on the server and the other (draft) does not.

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                Got it and thanks for making it crystal clear!


                Please consider the environment before printing