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    Column stretch event in spark datagrid


      Hi everybody,


      These days I'm converting our Flex application from Flex 3 SDK to Flex 4.5 SDK (Hero).

      I've a problem with the spark datagrid, and more specifically, the events listening on the columns.

      How can we know that the columns in the spark datagrid are stretched or shrinked?

      In Flex 3, there was a DataGridEvent.COLUMN_STRETCH event on the datagrid and I can't find the equivalent in Flex 4.5.


      If you have any tips.... thanks!!!!

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          HansMuller Level 1

          When a GridColumn is interactively resized "widthChanged" events are dispatched because the column's width property is set.   To track the entire column separator press-drag-release gesture you can listen for GridEvent.SEPARATOR_MOUSE_DOWN,SEPARATOR_MOUSE_DRAG, etc..events on the DataGrid's columnHeaderGroup skin part.   If you wanted to change the way the interactive column resizing works you'd have to subclass DataGrid and override protected methods like separator_mouseDownHandler(event:GridEvent), separator_mouseDragHandler(event:GridEvent).


          - Hans

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            hachiko_aud Level 1

            Thanks for the reply.


            Actually, I'm listening on the ResizeEvent in my own headerRenderer. I thought it was the easiest way to do it.