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    On save or publish, modifications revert

    r6yujr6ujr6j Level 1

      This bug is insane.


      I went from CS5 > CS5.5 and only then had it started.


      If I have a 9 sliced animated object, upon saving or publishing it (it's random, sometimes it happens, other times not) it loses it's slicing abilities and just stretches the movieclip instead. I have to keep applying slicing guides for it to work, then again if I reopen the file.


      In conjunction with this, any text changes I make to the file are reverted, but in the strangest way. If I have text and I change that text and it's layout, it's all good. It's not till I reopen the saved file that the old text comes back. When this first happened, I thought I didn't save the file, but since I had structured the text differently, the text boxes were in different areas yet they were filled with old content.


      Is this common? It's breaking my workflow left right and centre over multiple files. It wasn't until I published 12 of them that I noticed it wasn't going away. This is unnacceptable.


      This isn't to mention the rest of the "fixes" that have been applied. Instead of changing things, fixing existing issues should be a priority.


      Thank you.