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    Having an issue with fading out

    Adrien. Level 1

      I have a game which you can test http://blackandwhite.web44.net/adventure-game/

      What I want to show you as the issue is: the menu.


      How to get to the menu the fastest:

      -Click Create Character

      -Click Created Character Again


      Now that your onw the main page, hover over the town, Hover over  the dfrop down menu, hover off the town drop down menu. See what I mean?

      The places menu pops up after you hover off the town menu. I have attached the FC file here for you to take a look at. your help is much appreciated.


      Because this forum does not have an attachement folder - I have uploaded the file to media fire - I trust them for being the safest place to share files from. It is 221.85kb's big so that should not be a problem for people.


      http://www.mediafire.com/?bvxr9ji336975fz  <- is where you can download it from.


      Again - Your help in solving this issue is much appreciated.