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    PPRO CS5.5 - Clumsy handling of Split Stereo Files

    AtonMusic Level 2



      I work in ProtoolsHD and thus with Split-Stereo files which is standard in that part of the industry.


      I would have thought that PPRO would conform to standards and recognize i.e. AudioFile.L & AudioFile.R as being a stereo-pair.

      It does not.


      So I went ahead and created TWO mono tracks, then selected the .L & .R audio file in the project panel, wanting to drag them into the PPRO timeline.

      Instead of putting the files on the two monaural audio tracks, PPRO would put them on the same track only .R would be inserted AFTER .L.


      Not very pleasing when dealing with 100 audio clips. And NOT conforming to professional audio standards at all


      I went back to PT and interleaved all the splits. But this is not very economical as in case changes are to be made to the score later on.

      Then I would have to, in ProtoolsHD, first change the Split and THEN again, convert it to interleaved.


      Not a HUGE problem but for an NLE with the word PRO in it, I sure would come to expect that it would handle and recognize Split Stereo Files