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    Unable to create SOM error when opening an odbc connection


      Dear all,


      currently I'm having a huge problem where I wasn't able to find a solution.

      This question already has been asked before, but unfortunately not answered (at least I only found the questions and no answers, yet).


      When I create this document with LCD 7 everything is working well!! So imho there must be a way to fix this in LCD 8, too.


      I'm using:

           LiveCycle Designer ES 8.2.1

           Acrobat 9 pro



           Datasource1 (called excelSrc):

                ODBC connection (out of an Excel sheet), delayed open activated

                Element: excelName



                xsd connection

                Structure: <xsdSrc>




      First I added both data connections and enabled 'delayed open' for the ODBC source.

      There's no difference whether I use a DSN or a direct connection to the ODBC source.


      After opening the odbc connectino the structure in $record should be as follows:




      But I always get the error:

      'Unable to create SOM element ($record.excelSrc.excelName)'.


      What I did:

          var oDB = xfa.sourceSet.excelSrc.clone(1);
          xfa.sourceSet.excelSrc.open();  <-- here the error occurs


      When I remove the xsd source this code is working as intended.

      As I wrote above the same code is working with both data sources in the previous version of the LCD.


      I would be very glad, if somebody has a hint to solve this issue, otherwise I have to go back to LCD 7 (what I would like to avoid ...)


      Best regards,