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    File format for best quality output in Premiere El 9 ??

    Mr Nielsen Level 1



      I'm editing my raw AVCHD material/clips using Pr El 9.0. What I want to achieve is, when I finalized my project, to be able to "generate" the output file to be used for playback to my TV (for instance).......creating A DVD will jsut look really bad (of course looses quality)...I do not have (and did not plan to) setting up a BlueRay.......I jsut want to create an output file that I can use either to directly playback from computer, alternatively save the output file to a media player to do the replay from that location...either way, Im after creating an output file from my project that will not affect the quality of my data....


      I heard someone mentioned that saving into .MOV format would "keep" the same/good/best quality. Is that the case and if so, how can I do that? I looked in the Premiere El specs and in that spec it says that .MOV is a supported export format (what ever that means)


      Could someone pelase explain, in a rather easy way how I can generate my project file for my purpose described above. Seems to be tricky to do this if I havent missed something??


      Greatful for suggestions and explanations around this....what should I aim for and how to do it...